Bicycling Beyond Boundaries

Cycling blog of authors Pat & Cat Patterson

We believe life is a journey and that we should live it to the fullest extent. We invite you to read all about all the places we visited during our bicycling adventures and the people we met along the way.

About Us

About Us

Bicycling Beyond Boundaries is the cycling blog of Pat and Cat Patterson, authors of the “Bicycling Beyond Boundaries” book series. Rather than retire, the Patterson’s chose to sell their successful real estate business and travel the world by bicycle. Their adventures are memorable and inspiring.

The African Dream

Our first book in the series Bicycling Beyond Boundaries details our cycling adventures in Africa. The 265 days portrayed in this book are a testament to the strength of the love and concern that connected two people.

Day after day facing unknown perils yet relishing the spirit of adventure! No greater love hath a couple than to risk it all, knowing they can accomplish almost anything, together!

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book one - the african dream
cycling blog of authors pat and cat patterson

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